What are the benefits of fungi on the human body?

First, the fungus is the more primitive food on Earth, in our country are "Shanzhen" ranks. Fungus is not only delicious, but also contains almost no fat, calorie is very low, high protein content, complete vitamin content, but also contains essential minerals and bioactive ingredients (such as: polysaccharides, triterpenes, phenols and etc.). Familiar bacteria are our daily: shiitake mushrooms, Flammulina, Hericium, white fungus, black fungus and so on.

Second, the benefits of fungi food:

1.  Shiitake mushrooms - cardiovascular disease essential food

Shiitake Mushrooms taste delicious, good aroma, is our regulars on the table, suitable for cardiovascular, tumor, immune compromised people. Shiitake Mushrooms contain phytosterols have lower blood sugar, lower blood cholesterol effect; Shiitake mushrooms also contain a lot of calcium, iron, copper and other hematopoietic substances, can play a preventive tumor, enhance immunity; Shiitake mushrooms are rich in selenium And lentinan, can play anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect.

Medium average and uniform, mushroom umbrella hypertrophy, smooth cover, stalk short and stout is definitely the first choice for mushrooms.

2.  Hericium - help relieve digestive diseases

Hericium and bear's paw, sea cucumber, shark's fin with four famous dishes, the first of the eight delicacies. It is suitable for gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastritis patients. Hericium contains a lot of trace elements, can improve blood circulation, prevent cancer cells and malignant tumors; to ease the oral cavity, esophagus, gastrointestinal diseases have a good effect. Note: The general inflammation is not recommended to eat fungi, but the acute phase of gastric ulcer and rehabilitation stage can eat Hericium.

Hericium should be selected body perfect, velvet complete, large, fresh white, brown or golden yellow after drying.

3.  Brain puzzle friends - Flammulina

Flammulina has the ability to improve brain activity, known as "puzzle mushroom." Flammulina contains large amounts of zinc and active ingredients, can play a role in brain, children and the elderly to eat some mushrooms can play to improve intelligence, prevention of Alzheimer's role. Flammulina contains a lot of crude fiber, laxative detoxification effect. Flammulina also can promote the absorption of other nutrients, can increase bone density, menopause women can eat properly. Flammulina soup or squeeze the same efficacy, suitable for children and elderly consumption.

Flammulina should choose white, light yellow, or yellow brown fresh shiny, a certain moisture, cap and stem no spots, no defects, no shrinkage.

4.  Cough, beauty beauty of the share - Tremella

Tremella boiled soup is rich in mucin, epithelial cells have the role of conservation, so as to achieve the beauty of the effect of beauty, but also play a Ziyin Bushen, defecation bowel role; eat fried white fungus can ease pharyngitis, dry cough. Note: Do not eat white fungus when there is sputum, because the sedimentation of the white fungus will make the sputum more difficult to cough. Tremella cool, respiratory diseases Tremella should not be cold to eat.

Tremella should be selected large, light, yellow and white, shiny, thick gum is better, but also should pay attention to water content, easy to mildew overheating should not be stored, over dry it is fragile.

5.  Blood vessels scavenger - Black fungus

Black Fungus contained in the fungus has a huge adsorption capacity, can run the lung dust, is a good health care products for dust pollution workers (miners, metallurgical workers, textile workers, barbers, etc.). Edible fungus also has the role of prevention of thrombosis and blood pressure, but also high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis in patients with good therapeutic food. Eat fungus can also prevent iron deficiency anemia, prevention of gallstones.

The Black fungus on the market Senate this mismatch, in order to avoid the seemingly fungus to the ear, can be identified by this method. Edible fungus shaped ears, was a small pocket-like; to the ear was flat, and ears to thicker than the fungus, to crisp, there is a layer of white hair above.


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What are the benefits of fungi on the human body?