Today's interconnected world has created opportunities for a variety of national flavors, and street snacks have inspired people's dietary passion and restarted culinary classics. Innova Market Insights said in the market research report that the annual average annual growth rate of national flavors in the newly listed food and beverage products in 2013 was 20%, and the areas of pepper, vanilla, and flower flavor had also increased. With the continuous development of the vegetable diet trend, consumers are looking for innovative ways to incorporate the benefits of plants into their daily diet. At the same time, the innovation that depends on decadent flavor, from dessert to alcohol to addictive taste, will continue to grow and maintain the highest value in the industry. 

In all parts of the world, the choice of authentic dishes has never been so diverse and widespread. The interconnected world has enabled consumers of all ages to become more aware of other cultures and create an opportunity for visual attractiveness products with high authenticity and specific components. 

Of the new products introduced in 2017, 23% were national characteristics, and in 2013, the ratio was 19%. NPD, which is based on the world flavor, is becoming more and more popular, especially in snack and instant food industries. 

Market research data from Innova Market Insight points out that the taste of mobile restaurants and street foods has been a source of inspiration for NPD retail, and 2016-2017 years, mobile restaurants and street food in the world claim to grow by 24%. In addition, classic tastes and cooking styles have also revived, from refreshing cuisines to high-quality restaurant dishes, a trend that has recurred. More and more consumers choose to remake dishes from all over the world in comfortable homes. 

Next, let's take a look at the ten main trends of food and drink in 2018, summarized by Innova Market Insight: 

1. overseas impact 

The interconnected world leads consumers of all ages to learn about other cultures and forms a huge diversity of authentic cuisines around the world. This creates an opportunity for national flavor, street food inspiration and the revival of cooking classics. 

2. plant essence 

Consumers are looking for innovative options to integrate plants into their daily diet. As a result, plants are increasingly becoming a product base, an independent flavor, or a mixture of different plants. 

3. indulgence element 

Today's consumers are facing the biggest food choices ever. In a densely populated market, every food and beverage maker and marketing strategist tries to attract consumers with more bold, more attractive and more indulgent tastes. 

4. cooking methods 

More and more consumers choose to recreate restaurant experience in a comfortable home. From ready to eat to snacks, the concept and complex flavor of cooking are being introduced into catering products. 

5. cross-category large fusion 

The boundaries of food market categories are becoming blurred. Mixed innovations are rampant on the world stage and continue to provide more exciting flavors and flavors in unexpected food and beverage categories. 

6. capsicum declaration 

With the blending of races in the world, consumers begin to accept those tastes that once were not familiar with. For example, the general chili has been unable to meet the new consumer, and they are looking for a strong experience that is their favorite product beyond the normal peppery level. 

7. the power of flowers 

Consumers' desire for clean, natural and real ingredients has promoted the application of flower flavor in the food and beverage industry. More and more products transmit natural ideas through flowers and meet the health needs of low sugar and low calorie. The Innova Market Insights survey, for example, reported an average annual growth rate of 31 percent for lavender-flavored foods and beverages between 2013 and 2017. 

8. herbaceous harmony 

The taste of plants and their health benefits have won people's favor. From the sauce to the energy bars, and even to the carbonate, they can see their low and busy figures everywhere. 

9. taste treatment 

As consumers become increasingly worried about the process of food processing, they are more inclined to "do nothing" closer to natural processing, in order to maintain the nutrition of the food and improve the flavor. As a result, people have seen the revival of traditional processes, as well as the emergence of new processes that provide health and taste enjoyment in a more natural way. 

10. lemon, mint and lime 

The flavors of lemon, mint, and lime will continue to freshen up all kinds of flavors, and these flavors will give you a subtle sense of relaxation. In the 2013-2017 years, peppermint and menthol flavored diet increased by 21% over the past year, according to the Innova Market Insights survey.

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