When it comes to managing weight, the role of diet plays a role. After all, your weight and body size usually depends on what you eat. In fact, there are many important factors that affect weight changes. Stress is one of them.

A new study recently published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism at Stanford University School of Medicine explores the situation more profoundly. In particular, this study shows for the first time at the molecular level why people gain weight because of chronic stress. The reason is that chronic stress disrupts physiological rhythms and is often treated with glucocorticoids. However, changes in corticosteroids, especially cortisol levels, also have a significant impact on weight management, especially at night.

The study suggests that controlling certain hormonal impulses can effectively reduce weight gain. Mary Teruel, a Ph.D. in the study, believes that glucocorticoid therapy is very important for rheumatoid arthritis and asthma and is even essential to some patients. In fact, glucocorticoid drugs have an important impact on body weight changes and are considered safe and do not increase side effects such as weight and bone loss.

MaryTeruel indicates that usually fat cells are updated at a standard rate of 10% per year, that these cells may be apoptotic and replaced by newly differentiated adipocytes, but this mechanism is not clear for a long time. However, current research has identified the mechanism, and the key molecules involved are finally identified.

In this study, the researchers conducted a series of experiments. The first study found that a 48-hour intervention with glucocorticoids induced most adipocyte differentiation. And 12 hours of corticosteroid intervention did not have a significant overall effect.

Subsequently, the researchers tried to understand whether this effect is effective for living animals. After 21 days of intervention in mice, the researchers found a link between the loss of circadian corticosteroids and the doubling of animal fat mass. In addition, the study also found that when injected glucocorticoids, usually do not increase fat. However, when injected at the peak time of the animal biological clock, animal fat is increased.

The researchers believe that up to now, there are many revelations for body weight management. If the time of stress is important, it triggers the switch of precursor cells into adipocytes. Studies also show that if stress or glucocorticoid interfering therapy is carried out during the day, it will not gain weight. This opens up new ideas for people to carry out related diseases and stress relief and control their weight.

Plant extracts that help relieve stress

Muskmelon extract: SOD-B can strengthen the endogenous antioxidant defense, thereby reducing oxidative stress in the body, thereby helping to relieve stress;

Coenzyme Q10: a previous study by the National Biotechnology Information Center of the United States confirmed that the coenzyme Q10 supplements played an important role in maintaining the health of the body in the daily and stressful living conditions.

Blueberry extract: animal studies have shown that blueberry extracts can reduce the pressure in the body by changing the level of oxidative stress in the mice and improving the body's antioxidant process.

Aromatic essential oil: aromatherapy has become more and more popular with consumers and some living rooms in a healthy lifestyle. It is also becoming more and more popular and praised by consumers. Elegant environment, the air is filled with a subtle fragrance of plant essential oils, which is refreshing and relaxing. A new study in Brazil showed that participants were tested for stress in three of 5 minutes of inhaling orange essential oil, tea tree oil, and ordinary water while measuring vital signs. The results showed that the anxiety disorder of subjects who had inhaled sweet orange essential oil had been improved, and this benefit had some continuity. In addition to sweet orange essential oil, grapes, lemon, and other essential oils can be pleasant and relieve stress. However, different people react differently to essential oils. Consumers should experience different aromatherapy and choose the right ones.  (The information comes from the network)

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