Traditionally, male health has been overemphasized for reproductive health and sexual capacity. In fact, men's health is far more than that. Men are not so strong as they are in their eyes. In fact, men's health needs more attention, at least not less than women, men's life expectancy is far lower than women is an example. Then, what aspects of male health should be concerned and what solutions are there?

1. heart health and weight management

Sudden death from overtime, greasy middle age, heart health, and weight management is always a topic men can't avoid, and this is also determined by the male body structure. After millions of years of human evolution, men have stronger bodies, stronger strength, and endurance, and the two advantages require a strong heart delivery of the nutrients needed, the appropriate weight, the strongest strength, and endurance.

In terms of functional ingredients that promote heart health and weight management, many products have been listed, such as white kidney bean extract. Clinical studies have confirmed that kidney bean extract can be used as a carbohydrate blocker, delaying the digestion and absorption of starch energy, to achieve a slimming effect. The product is known to play a role in temporarily inhibiting the secretion of alpha-amylase by saliva and pancreas. The non digested carbohydrates in the small intestine are transported to the large intestine, where it acts more like dietary fiber - feeding microbes and regulating GLP-1, which is a signal to the brain that regulates the feeling of satiety.

A large clinical study published in the journal Obesity showed that participants who took the white kidney bean were 7 pounds less on average than those who took a placebo 12 weeks later. In addition, 73.5% of the participants in the weight management stage successfully maintained their weight after 24 weeks. 12 weeks later, the subjects in the experimental group significantly reduced the frequency and intensity of chocolate and other desserts, and the placebo group had significantly lower resistance to these foods.

Sabinza Sabeet's standardized beet root extract also provides vascular health support, energy support, and increased endurance. A clinical study published in the 2016 Journal of the international medical science innovation research shows that Sabeet can improve the cardiovascular status of healthy men and improve exercise performance, and it also has a preventive effect on muscle damage.

In addition, clinical studies have shown that Aronia extract can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; beta-glucan found in oats also plays a role in maintaining heart health.

2. blood glucose health

The current lifestyle and diet structure, especially western food, has become a topic of concern for many people. Various sweeteners such as stevioside have been used in blood sugar control. Green tea extract, palatinose, vitamin K2 and plantain extract all have the function of regulating blood sugar.

In a study in the British Dietetic Association's Journal of human nutrition and diet in 2016, a study of 472 pregnant women at the Zibo Central Hospital in Shandong found that the green tea extract EGCG had a two-way regulatory effect on gestational diabetes, not only to improve the number of diabetes in pregnant women, but also to reduce the incidence of neonatal complications. .

A number of studies have found that Beneo's pallarkin can be controlled and released slowly, well regulated postprandial blood sugar, and its continuous energy supply can also help to improve the performance and performance of athletes.

In 2016, a comprehensive analysis of 35 studies published by the Duke University and Procter & Gamble in the United States clinical nutrition showed that pre-meal intake of Plantago fiber could reduce blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin, which was significant for preventing diabetes.

3. body performance and energy enhancement

For men who want to increase muscle mass and strength, or prevent muscle loss, protein intake is a very important factor. There are various kinds of protein in the market, including whey protein, vegetable protein and so on. Whey protein is still the main protein in the body shaping field, and plant protein is catching up.

In plant protein, soybean protein is still the protagonist, and the new protein in continuous development and application, such as pea protein, has been studied for many years, technology is more mature; seaweed protein has attracted the attention of some enterprises, especially, the production of egg white of seaweed per unit area is three times of soybean, water consumption. Only 1/5 of soybeans are characterized by low energy and high efficiency. Despite the obvious advantages, a large amount of technology and investment are needed in the early stage of algal culture, which leads to the lack of marine algae protein development and rare products. With the rise of hemp research and the development of the American market, it has recently attracted the attention of the industry and introduced the related products, such as Chongqing arrogant king has already introduced this egg. White.

In addition, Sabinza's Ashwagandha extract is also a functional material for improving athletic performance. The product contains 7% drunken lactone, 1% alkaloids and 0.25% drunegonna A, which can help the body to rejuvenate at the cellular level and increase strength and endurance. South African drunken eggplant is often used as a stress-relieving tonic and improves immune function, especially for athletes and the elderly.

Tribulus Terrestris (Tribulus Terrestris) extract, which is generally considered to be an effective aphrodisiac for male infertility. But in fact, the extract can improve the body's ability to work and stamina, in which the saponins can enhance the hormone action and the secretion of testosterone, and the muscle mass and energy level are related to the secretion of testosterone.

4. urinary prostatic health

Since ancient times, the choice of natural products for urinary problems has been limited. At present, many men prefer saw palmetto, but its efficacy has been questioned because of the lack of clinical validation. However, with the development of research, more and more natural ingredients, such as lycopene and pumpkin seed extract, have come into view.

Leconrad, a supplier of lycopene and other functional ingredients, notes that lycopene and curcumin have a high degree of synergy when combined. Preclinical studies found that this combination had a significant effect on prostate health.

Sabisa found that the content of fatty acids in saw palm reached more than 85% and had the effect of inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha reductase, so it could regulate the level of two hydrotestosterone. Sawing palm is often combined with pumpkin seed extract to support male prostate health. Sabinza's pumpkin seed SCFE comes from the American pumpkin, which contains 85% of the free fatty acid, which is said to effectively reduce the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and is safe without side effects.

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