Tremella Sydney Soup is a dessert that people often eat at home. Tremella Sydney Soup We all know that it is a nourishing health product, which has great benefits for human health. So everyone knows what is the efficacy of Tremella Sydney Soup? What are the effects of eating Tremella Sydney Soup?

The effect of Tremella Sydney Soup?

Yangyin Runfei: Tremella Sydney Soup has the function of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs. When you are thirsty in summer, you can drink Tremella Sydney Soup to relieve cough. When you have a cold and cough, you can also drink Tremella Sydney Soup to relieve lung and cough. 

Yangweishengjin: Tremella Sydney soup also has the function of nourishing the stomach. It is also good for people with bad stomach to eat this soup.

Beauty and beauty: The biggest effect of Tremella Sydney soup is that it can be beautiful. Tremella is rich in natural plant gums, plus its nourishing effect, long-term use can emollient, and has the effect of removing chloasma and freckles on the face. Female friends eating Tremella Sydney soup is very good.

Liver protection: Tremella Sydney Soup can improve liver detoxification ability and protect liver.

Promote growth and development: Tremella Sydney soup is also very good for children's long body. Tremella is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent the loss of calcium and is very beneficial to growth and development.

Improve immune function: Tremella Sydney soup can also enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity, making people's healthier.

How to make Tremella Sydney Soup:

1. Use the white fungus to soak the hair, remove the yellow roots of the white fungus, peel off the pears, and wash the fresh lily.

2. Add enough water to the pot. Add the white fungus after the fire is boiled. After boiling again, turn to medium heat for 20 minutes.

3. Put the rock sugar, the pear pieces, cook for 20 minutes, add the lily, cook for 15 minutes to turn off the heat, do not open the lid immediately after the fire, then simmer for 10 minutes, you can eat.

Tremella Sydney Soup has a high nutritional value, which is generally edible and can play a role in health care.


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What are the effects of eating Tremella Sydney Soup?