Many people wake up in the morning and feel bitter in the mouth. There are many reasons for bitterness in the mouth. Among them, lack of sleep is also a reason.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: Oral bitterness is caused by dampness and heat

There are many causes of oral distress, such as those with digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, those with oral diseases and some infectious diseases, those who are often tired, sleep insufficient, excessive smoking and alcoholism, and those with certain tumors, all of which can cause symptoms of oral distress.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oral bitterness often occurs, which is mainly caused by damp-heat, including liver-gallbladder damp-heat and stomach-heat. The dampness, heat, and bitterness of the liver and gallbladder may be caused by inflammation in the liver and gallbladder. The stomach heat produces bitter taste, some people have no inflammation of liver and gallbladder, but because of unreasonable diet, eating too much spicy food will also cause bitter mouth. At the same time, some people with chronic diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, etc.) also suffer from oral distress.

On the other hand, many mental workers, due to work stress, coupled with inappropriate diet, irregular, less activity and other characteristics, their gastrointestinal function is sluggish, eating food in the gastrointestinal tract stays too long, it is easy to produce damp and hot, will also cause mouth pain.

Experts of traditional Chinese medicine suggest that:

1. People with chronic diseases should, under the guidance of doctors, deal with oral pain caused by etiological treatment.

2. For those who are under great pressure, they should try their best to make their diet regular, food structure reasonable, eat less spicy food and eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise properly to promote the normal operation of digestive function, especially for mental workers. Exercise should be strengthened and regular. When eating, you should think less about your work.

(The picture comes from the Internet, and the text part comes from the Chinese information translation.)


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