From Asia to Europe to the North American market, the recent launch of new products on the market is the main "functionality", more obvious are seaweed drinks, vegetable protein, ginger juice, coconut oil, plant spices, etc., these products are from the outside The packaging is also an intrinsic functional ingredient that gives the manufacturer some innovative inspiration.

1. Seaweed protein drink

Plantsy's new beverage company Plantsy has launched the allegedly the first algae protein drink in the UK. Algae is considered a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids that can build and maintain muscle mass. The product currently has rhubarb & ginger and blood orange & grapefruit flavors, they contain 15 grams of protein, no genetically modified, rich in dietary fiber, healthy lipids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, these products are free of gluten, soy and artificial sweeteners.

2. Seaweed soda

Some time ago, Tsingtao Brewery held a new product launch conference in Qingdao, announced the official entry into the soda category, and launched a new product "Prince Seaweed Soda". It is reported that this product is a large marine health drink jointly developed by Tsingtao Brewery and the team of modern marine biomedical pioneer Guan Huashi. It has filled the market gap with the anti-oxidation and strong immunity of medicine and food. With the brand strength and consumer base of Tsingtao Brewery, break through the original product pattern, deploy a new health industry, and open up a broader consumer market.

3. Ginger juice

Currently, Juste Presse announces the launch of green juice made from cucumber, apple and ginger in France. The product is made from 27% vegetables and contains no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances. The Juste Presse brand uses high pressure processing (HPP) to retain the nutritional properties of vitamins and antioxidants in its range of products, including beetroot, apple, celery and lettuce.

4. New chocolate bar

Food giant Nestlé has announced the launch of new KitKat and Yorkie chocolate bars in the UK and Ireland markets. KitKat contains raspberries, hazelnuts, oats, apples and cinnamon, while Yorkie contains more fruits, nuts, grains, protein and fiber than before. Both chocolate bars have a 30% reduction in sugar content. Whether it's fruit, nuts or oatmeal, they provide fiber or protein that not only reduces sugar, but more importantly maintains the taste. 

5. Snacks that you can drink

Startup company Earlybirds launched two ready-to-eat snacks in the UK market, currently with berry birch and mango & oatmeal, which is described as a nutritious snack or breakfast drink designed to make breakfast healthier. The company offers a healthy and convenient breakfast/snack solution while minimizing environmental impact with degradable bottles made from sugar cane. In October 2019, Earlybirds will launch caps from sugar cane sources. This ready-to-drink drink is vegetarian-friendly and contains no added sugar, which is 20-30% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

6. Sustainable cooking oil

The Groovy Food Company is launching a range of new cooking oils for health and environmentally conscious chefs. The range includes organic virgin coconut oil with pepper and garlic, a calorie avocado cooking spray and an organic coconut oil cooking spray, all with a higher smoke point. This line of products replaces butter, margarine and other edible oils that will meet the growing demand for healthy edible oils, bringing innovative, natural and sustainable products to consumers and retail partners. 

7. Pumpkin Spice Tea

Pumpkin is a very common food in daily life. It contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, cellulose and trace elements. It is eaten directly by people in the form of food. In the past two years, pumpkins have often appeared in food and beverages in a flavor, and many manufacturers are optimistic about this flavor. Currently, Wissotzky Tea's product is an aromatic blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, pepper and pumpkin slices. The study found that spice tea seems to be the perfect carrier for pumpkins.

8. Garlic + Ganoderma lucidum super-strong formula

Natural Factors has launched a GarlicRich Super Garlic + Ganoderma Lucidum product whose main health claims are cardiovascular health and immune enhancement. In addition, the obvious advantage of this product is the use of sustained-release technology. Each sustained-release vegetarian capsule contains 10:1 garlic extract and 30:1 organic Ganoderma extract, which provides the best body absorption. Performance, reducing the risk of bad breath in garlic.

9. Sports protein drink

The Garden of Life introduces this protein drink with clean, ready-to-drink properties, certified by the US Department of Agriculture for organic certification, non-GMO projects, and provides 21 grams of whole protein per bottle. At present, there are two kinds of protein beverages, one is organic protein beverage, each bottle contains 21 grams of vegetable protein; the other is sports protein beverage, each bottle contains 26 grams of vegetable protein, no sugar, suitable for sports people It has two flavors of chocolate and vanilla.

10. Cannabis Omega products

It is reported that ENERald Health Bioceuticals launched this ENDO OMEGA is the world's first Omega-3 supplement to support endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), the main ingredients are hemp seed oil (including Omega-3/Omega- 6/Omega-9), fish oil (EPA/DHA), MCT, vitamin E, protein, etc., can help promote the health of endogenous cannabinoids in the human body, thereby improving cardiovascular health, cognitive improvement, and emotional improvement. Inflammation and regulation of blood sugar. The product is in an emulsified form that promotes absorption and bioavailability of the human body, as well as fish oil and vegetarian seaweed.


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