"C60" material: Mom no longer has to worry about my phone crash!

What is the most painful thing for widescreen mobile phone users? It is to accidentally drop the phone on the ground and pick it up when the screen is broken! A group of international researchers have developed a new and magical material composed of semiconductor molecules. Lightweight, long-lasting and stable, it is expected to solve the long-standing problem of broken screen.

A group of international researchers have jointly developed a new type of material consisting of a semiconductor called "C60", which is composed of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride. Due to its light weight, durability and electrical conductivity, Therefore, it is easy to mass produce.

This material is a very unique combination. While hexagonal boron nitride provides stability and conductivity, the C60 can also convert sunlight into electricity. In addition, because of its different architecture, it can also reduce power consumption and delay the battery. Life expectancy and reduce the occurrence of electric shock.

 However, because the architecture of graphene and new materials lacks the key to the switching operation in electronic devices, the band gap is temporarily unavailable. The research team said it has found a solution and expects new materials to be available soon.

(This article is from the network, translated from the Chinese version.)


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"C60" material: Mom no longer has to worry about my phone crash!